Marine Environmental Monitoring

Live Strandings.

If the cetacean (Whale , Dolphin or Porpoise) is found alive, please contact the relevant number for your area as soon as possible. Experienced people will come to your aid.

If the weather is hot keep the animal cool by pouring water over its skin, avoid pouring water near the blowhole on top of the animals head.

A wet towel or blanket can be placed over the animal and continually soaked to assist in cooling, again keep clear of the blowhole. Do not try to move the animal - as pulling on the tail and fins can cause serious damage. If the animal is manageable roll it to an upright position to reduce pressure on its internal organs.

Pits can be dug in the beach either side for the pectoral fins. Reduce the stress to the animal by keeping it quiet. Crowds and dogs should be kept at bay. Enlist keen members of the public to help with this task. Be careful around the tail as this is very powerful. (see Safety Precautions).

Atlantic Grey Seals.

If you think a pup is stranded please keep away and watch from a distance. The mother maybe in the surf waiting for you to go! It is normal for seal pups to spend the first few weeks of life on dry land. Adults will also haul-out and bask, but not usually on beaches with public access. If you are sure there is a problem then contact the relevant number.