Marine Environmental Monitoring

Examples of the most common species to found stranded on our beaches.


Harbour Porpoise
Length adult 1.3m -1.9m 19-28 pairs of small, spade-shaped teeth.

Bottlenose Dolphin
Length adult 2.5m -4.1m 18-26 pairs of teeth.

Top: male.

Bottom: female.

Minke Whale
Length adult 8.0m -8.5m 50-70 throat grooves.


Common Dolphin
Length adult 2.1m -2.4m 40-50 pairs of small, sharp conical teeth.


Striped Dolphin
Length adult 2.25m -2.4m 45-50 pairs of sharp, conical teeth.


Risso's Dolphin
Length adult 3.3m -3.8m 2-7 (usually 4) peglike
teeth in lower jaw only.


Grey Seal
Length adult male 2.1m-2.45m. Length adult female 1.95m-2.2m.


Leatherback Turtle
Largest recorded so far was 2.91 metres in length.